Oh Pregnant Me!

July 21, 2006

After speaking with a friend yesterday, I realize that I must post pictures of my belly as it increases in size. People have been asking, and I have quietly been ignoring.

Understand why I am hesitant… I don’t want to be one of those pregnant women, who proudly posts pictures of her growing belly but doesn’t realize that the rest of her is getting bigger also. You know how you look in the mirror every day, so you don’t really see drastic changes in your appearance over time. Now, imagine that aunt or friend from college hasn’t seen me in months, so when they finally get to see a picture of pregnant me, they will only think one thing. Wow, she’s gotten fat all over.

Oh how vain can I be? This is one time in my life where my body is allowed to be fat. So, maybe my face has gotten pudgy, but I can’t tell, maybe my arms have gotten flabby, but I can’t tell. Well, maybe you just try grown a human being inside yourself, and subsequently lose all control over your body. Hmmmph!

Well, anyway, friends and family can stop asking to see pictures of Pregnant me, because here goes nothing….

This is me @ 17 weeks (Gestation)

This is me @ 19 weeks (Gestation)


One Response to “Oh Pregnant Me!”

  1. lafuntz Says:

    oh shyla, you look so great. you really look happy, i am so glad and happy for you. isn’t it great to get those weird feelings in your tummy, and to see the movement, so much fun. i enjoyed being pg, have fun. hit o josh.love you both, anutie pam

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