The origin of Dandelion Soup

July 22, 2006

In case many of you were curious about the title of my blog…

There once was a little girl with white-blond curls. This little girl grew up without the massive amounts of unnessesary children’s toys that most young kids seem to take for granted now days. Along with her three brothers, she entertained herself by digging holes in the dirt with her Mom’s spoons – years later when the family dug the foundation for their new house, they found spoons everywhere – and making Dandelion Soup.

Late spring was one of this little girl’s favorite times of the year. It was one of the only times that a good batch of her Famous Dandelion Soup could be made. She shares her recipe with you today…

Materials needed:

Dad’s metal oil pan
Broken plastic shovel handle

Ingredients needed:

2 or 3 handfuls of handpicked Dandelions from the yard
A sufficient amount of water
A few handfuls of dirt
Possibly some grass clippings
Any left over oil in the bottom of oil pan

Stir all of the ingredients together in the oil pan with the broken plastic shovel handle until well mixed. Add more Dandelions if needed. Let soup cook in the hot sun as you go off and play elsewhere with or without your brothers.

A few days later when water has evaporated, either dump out old ingredients and start fresh, or just add more water.

Note: Dandelion soup is to be made for entertainment purposes only, and should not be eaten by anyone, including the family dog.


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