Summer Days…Wasting Away

July 27, 2006

Pretty soon, the outside world will look like this again.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it when it snows, but the other day I realized that I need to take down my garland of fake spring flowers that are hanging on my curtain rod and replace them with my garland of fake orange, yellow and red maple leaves.

Where did the summer go? Even with the drought and intense heat that we have been seeing here for the past month, time has been flying by. Usually, when conditions get unbearable, time seems to slow down so that we suffer as much as we possible can, but this past month has defied the laws of “though shalt suffer as much as possible when conditions outside suck.”

I’ve noticed as my age keeps increasing in numbers that time goes by quicker every year, but this summer I realized that that my perception of time isn’t linear, it’s exponential. So next year, I imagine, I will feel like I’ve lost the whole year instead of just a couple of months.

I still cling to the hope though, that when I’m old and have to rely on people to help me up from my chair, time will once again slow down. Maybe, even though I’ll be old and reliant on others, I will appreciate how time has slowed and I can shake my heads at kids who go about a mile a minute while I sit in my rocking chair and crochet a doily.


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