The First of Many

August 7, 2006

August 6th marked our first wedding anniversary and boy did we have an eventful day.

Josh woke me up with a “Happy Anniversary” kiss while he held the fried egg, cheese and ham sandwich that he made me in one of his hands. I politely thanked him for making me breakfast but told him that I couldn’t possible eat anything right at the moment, seeing as I just woke up from a really really deep sleep.

He didn’t seem too hurt that I turned down the breakfast that he made me and he simply ate the sandwich so that it wasn’t wasted. (I have a feeling that he was still hungry)

We attended church and heard his dad’s new one-man blue grass band play during the service. I found it very enjoyable and the congregation seemed to like it too.

We visited his mom in the hospital, as she had her gall bladder removed the day before. She had finally been able to eat something and it seemed like most of the grogginess from the day before had left her. We visited for a while but then decided it was time for us to head back home.

The 4 hour drive seemed to go by quicker than usual, but I was extremely tired most of the trip and was falling asleep in the car. Winnie, the wonderful dog that she is, just slept in the back seat with no complaints.

When we finally arrived back home, we left immediately to go have our 1st Anniversary dinner at the Olive Garden (the same place we celebrated our engagement).

We capped off our evening watching some Ray Bradbury Theater episodes courtesy of Netflix.

What may seem to some as a boring first anniversary was actually a wonderful one. Josh and I spent the entire day together, and we had a wonderful time talking, and just enjoying each other’s company. That’s the great thing about us…We could be anywhere, and we can always entertain each other.

I have a truly amazing husband.


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