Comments to a Pregnant Lady

August 8, 2006

In the past few weeks, I’ve heard the following comments from people that I know.

“You’re big for being five months along.” – best friend

“You’re walking funny now.” – husband

“Wow, you sure have gotten big.” – Co-worker

If I wanted to, I could probably still hide the fact that I’m pregnant by wearing an oversized sweatshirt, but then I would just feel fat. I find that I feel better when people can tell that I’m pregnant, however, I’m running out of clothes that help me achieve this.

I have an entire tub full of clothes that I can no longer fit into, and it seems like I keep adding items to this tub every day. I even had to go out and buy special grannie-like underwear the other day.

And I’m not ashamed that I have to wear grannie underwear because they are damn comfortable! Those of you who have been pregnant before probably know what I’m talking about. And those of you who haven’t been pregnant before….you just wait!

OH, it’s a pregnant lady

Just a fatty in a sweatshirt


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