Poor Little Catfish

August 11, 2006

4 AM

I wake up, notice Josh isn’t in the bed next to me…I think the worst.

“Did he get in an accident on the way back from the bar last night?…He did ride his bike to the bar, maybe some drunk driver hit him” (side note: I just realized how much of a poor hick that makes him sound, riding his bike to the bar…Well, he went to see his brother’s band play and he’s conscientious of the environment)

I get out of bed, grab the phone, check all of the rooms on the main floor, start calling him…And then I notice the white vehicle in my drive way…I hang up the phone…Look out on my deck and I see this

It turns out that at some point, and I haven’t actually heard this from Josh but am just assuming, Josh and his brother and his brother’s roommate decided to go fishing after the band stopped or the bar closed and they caught a catfish. One solitary catfish. And being the good fishermen that they are, they decided that it should be filleted right away.

So, in short, I’m glad he’s safe and I’m sorry for the poor little catfish that probably though that he/she would be safe going for that bait at this time of night…Because what fisherman in their right mind would be fishing so early in the morning.

I just had to blog about it.


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