I’m getting bigger!

August 31, 2006

I guess, eventually, I knew that I would get bigger in places other than my breasts and my abdomen…However, here’s the catch…I didn’t realize it would have anything to do with my choice in footwear.

Note to me: wearing flip flops when you are pregnant and your center of gravity is constantly changing while your weight is constantly increasing is not the idea of a genius.

Josh, Winnie and I didn’t get but 25 feet from our driveway when I rolled my ankle. Oh, and boy did it hurt.

Part of me wonders if it was Karma. See, when I rolled my ankle, I was in the middle of complaining to Josh how I hate it when college is back in session because those idiot college students, while they are completely drunk and walking to or from their 5th party of the night, just toss their empty alcohol containers on the boulevard outside our house.

Well, anyway, I have a fat ankle but I also have a wonderful husband to wait on me.


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