TV will rot your brain

September 20, 2006

After not having cable for over 6 months, I am completely appalled at how the majority of television programming has no substance, yet it is still easy to sit down, with remote in hand, and be completely sucked in. Here are somethings that I’ve observed

  • Some commercials are funny and entertaining in an artistic way, some are plain awful.
  • Some programs are brand new, but most are re-runs.
  • Some of the news that is aired is BREAKING NEWS!!! but most of it is repeated over and over and over until you become so desensitised that you just don’t care anymore.
  • None of the reality shows are really reality.
  • There are too many football games going on at the same time and not enough gymnastics, diving, figure skating, or women’s softball on TV.
  • A lot of these so-called-cartoons are no longer really aimed at children. Some of the comments and witty remarks are too adult-ish for me to ignore.
  • In order to be a TV personality, you have to be funny, ditsy, annoying, have no incredible flaws in your appearance, or you just need to have your own catch phrase.

One Response to “TV will rot your brain”

  1. blueblanket Says:

    Some great observations, and all too true!

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