Lamaze Class…It’s not just breathing

October 11, 2006

Josh and I attended our very first lamaze class. We have three more to attend, and they are only 4 hours long each!

It actually wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it to be, and Josh agrees. We learned a lot about the stages of labor, and about when to go to the hospital and when to stick it out at home.

At the very end of the class, the Lamaze instructor taught the men a simple series of massages that can help to reduce stress in the mother, and boy did it feel good! I was so completely relaxed after that until we stepped outside into the freezing cold rain – that pretty much woke me up.

I’m getting excited and a bit nervous about the birthing process. I’m obviously concerned about the pain…I’m not planning on having any pain meds…And I’m also really concerned about the lack of control I might have with decisions that will need to be made in the hospital.

For example:

I don’t want an episiotomy. Nor, do I want the birth rushed. I also want my baby right away, I don’t want them to take him to clean him up and I definitely don’t want them to give him a pacifier. I want to be able to breast feed right away. And most of all, I don’t want to be in the hospital more than I absolutely need to be. Hospitals are for sick people, and I’m having a baby, I’m not sick.


One Response to “Lamaze Class…It’s not just breathing”

  1. Mary Montague Says:

    Shyla, re the epesiotomy, you might consider it over tearing. Ask Sarah about this. In fact, having just experienced child birth (and with similar attitudes), she might be a great source of info, support and answers to some of your Mary

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