I’ll post a belly pic tonight…

November 14, 2006

…I promise!

I’ve been busy lately. My littlest bro is staying with us while he works with his fiber optic cable crew here in Fargo. I drive him to the hotel that his coworkers stay at by 6:30 am every morning and then I go to work. Yesterday I worked from 6:30-5:30. It ends up being a long day, but it is totally worth it. I enjoy having my bro around and so does Josh. They both have their x-box 360s set up in our office and they can play the new Gears of War game together.

Lately, I have a pain around my belly button that gets worse when I bend at the waist, twist in my chair, walk, put my seat belt on, raise my hands above my head, and some times it gets worse when I just sit here. So far the only thing that makes it go away is lying down.

The little guy is moving quite a bit lately, which seems odd because everyone says that towards the end babies stop moving as much because of lack of room. This little guy loves to move after I am done eating, when I am sitting in my chair at work, and when I happen to be in a meeting with my boss.

Yesterday, I just hoped that my boss didn’t notice my belly moving all around, how distracting! 🙂

Anyway, enjoy the beautiful weather, and feel free to stay inside and watch comfy movies if the weather is icky where you are at.


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