We’re playing the guessing game

November 24, 2006

Every day I wake up and wonder if today will be the day. This is the biggest guessing game that I have ever played.

I wish that if he knew when he was going to come out he’d let his mommy know a little bit ahead of time so that I could prepare better.

I’m not the type that likes to do things spontaneously. I’d prefer a plan.

I believe that I am as prepared as I can be at this point. Here’s what I’ve done to get prepared:

  • Set up Crib in room
  • Washed all of his clothes, blankets, and bibs in Dreft
  • Packed my bags for the hospital
  • Purchased maternity bras
  • Purchased cloth diapers
  • Read all about breast feeding
  • Read through the binder that the hospital gave me when I went in for my 10 week checkup
  • Read numerous other pregnancy books

I’m just ready for him to enter our wonderful world.


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