The Birth Story

December 2, 2006

Ok, I have a few minutes to update my blog finally! Currently, Josh is napping and Raleigh is napping in his swing…I know, I know, mom is supposed to rest when baby rests…but I can’t help tidying things up a bit and addressing a few things that I had to neglect these past few days.

So here it goes.

It all started tuesday, when I stayed home from work because I had a headache and because they were painting the stairwell and it smelled of paint. I slept in that morning and was planning to work from home on my lap top in the afternoon. Right at noon, my plans changed…my water broke. And by 1 pm, I was already sitting in my hospital bed preparing for the short labor that I had always hoped for.

I was only dilated to about 3 cm when I first arrived, and a few hours later, I hadn’t changed much. So, they started a Pitocin drip to help move along the contractions. I was doing well up until 9 pm when they upped the Pitocin because I was only about 4 cm dilated and the OB GYN on floor decided to insert an internal contractions monitor. I was starting to get tired and the contractions were so much more painful and that internal contractions monitor hurt so bad that I made the decision to get some Staydol (sp?) which was supposed to make me loopy enough so that I didn’t care that my contractions hurt so much.

The Staydol worked wonders…at first…then it wore off and the nurse said that giving me more Staydol would just prolong labor because the Staydol counteracted what the Pitocin was supposed to do (Gee, I wish they had told me that when I asked for it).

So, until 2 am, I put up with the horribly painful contractions, and then when the nurse checked me and I was only between 5-6 cm dilated, I decided to get an epidural. I couldn’t imagine laboring even 2 more hours with the pain that I was having and then finding out again that my cervix hadn’t dilated any further.

The epidural was easy to get, and the anestesiologist was a very kind man. I was so worried that I would be too numb to feel anything after having an epidural, but it wasn’t that bad.

I was able to get about an hour of sleep after I had the epidural, and finally, at 5 am, I was dilated enough to start pushing. The pushing stage of labor went so well that I had to stop pushing to wait for the doctor to get there. There is nothing harder than trying not to push when every part of my body was telling me to push.

When the doctor finally arrived in my room, I only had to push a few times and Raleigh blessed us with his presence.

He is such a beautiful boy and he shares so many characteristics with his father, it was so amazing to finally meet him.


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