Dad’s Elbow Surgery

February 4, 2007

My Dad had elbow surgery on the same day that Raleigh had his 2 month checkup, so after Raleigh’s appointment we drove 5 1/2 hours to Duluth to be there for my dad.

Overall, the hospital experience was horrible for my Dad. The nurses gave him too much pain medication which had side effects that Dad did not like. The machine that Dad was supposed to use for Rehabilitation of the elbow was a horrible little machine.

It was a brand new machine that the nurses and even one of the Physical Therapists didn’t know how to use. And when Dad finally talked the nurses into reducing his nerve block for his arm, he had enough sensation to feel that the machine was putting pressure where it wasn’t supposed to.

Finally, on the day that Dad was released, his surgeon came to see him and agreed that the machine wasn’t working for him (30 some hours too late to figure it out, I think) so he agreed to discharge Dad and send him home with an elbow brace that was much more efficient and easier to use.

He’s doing much better now that he’s home. He’s also taken on the amazingly hard task of quitting smoking, which is one of the things that I have wished for since I was a little girl. I hope he will be successful.

Here is a picture of his elbow 3 days after surgery. Notice the bruising up near his sleeve.


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