Happy St. Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2007

First off, let me just say that Josh and I don’t celebrate St. Valentine’s day by buying each other material goods. We did, however, buy eachother parishable food items from the local Applebee’s and the local Papa Murphy’s.

Josh’s student loans are starting to kick into full affect now…ouch…let’s just say that he has a lot more in student loans than I do. But, to his defense, he does have a graduate degree compared to my measly bachelor’s degree. Now, in my defense, my measly bachelor’s degree is paying for my degree and his degree 🙂

Ok, enough joking around. Seriously, I am extremely happy that Josh will be staying home with Raleigh and I am also extremely jealous. I go back to work one week from today and I am happy and sad about it. I do miss my coworker’s and I am excited to be starting work on a new project, but I will miss my son a lot.

Ok, enjoy the latest pictures. The elmo suit is from my parents, and is absolutely adorable but too big for him right now. That didn’t stop me from putting it on him though 🙂


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