Finally! No Longer Considered a Spam Blog…and my blog roll

March 6, 2007

Q: Why haven’t I blogged in the past week?

A: Blogger and its “spam robot” came to the conclusion that my blog was a “spam blog.” I received a message saying that I could not post any more blogs until I verified the letters that were displayed on the screen. Once I entered in the correct letters, it told me that a human, who works at Blogger, would personally review my blog to verify that it was, in fact, not a spam blog.

So, finally, the human at blogger overruled the spam robot’s decision to disable my blog and I am up and running again.

I do have pictures to post, but instead, I’m going to take this moment to display my blog roll. The blog links that appear in the following paragraphs are blogs that I visit almost daily and thought that I might share them with you. A friend of mine, who I met through my sister-in-law, started keeping a blog and she is posting pictures of her growing belly like I did. So, so if you miss seeing a pregnant woman get bigger every month, stop on by her blog every now and then. Another friend of mine-Chelsea, who I am starting to do yoga with every week, created these amazing felt vessels and other artwork which she posted pictures of on her blog. Chelsea is an amazing artist and also an amazing quilter…just an overall amazing artist. And another friend of mine, who has twin baby girls and who I’m long overdue for a visit with, also keeps up a blog. She writes about anything that she fancies writing about. Some times it is about her daughters, some times her husband, and other times she writes about her “interesting” inlaws. She is, in fact, the reason that I started blogging. This blogger, who’s name is Deb, is not someone who I know personally, but she has a great blog. Her paragraphs get kind of long to read, but she has a great way with words and seems to be a great cook.

To be Continued…


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