Happy Easter to you!

April 9, 2007

I’m tired…but that’s because I had loads of fun this weekend at my parents. We drove to their house on Friday with a packed Ford Escort ZX2. I find it truly amazing how much we bring along when we travel with an infant.

The ride there was easy. Raleigh slept the whole 3 1/2 hours. The ride back almost took us twice as long because we stopped to eat, stopped to feed Raleigh, and changed two messy diapers.

In between those two drives, we enjoyed the company of family, died some eggs and savored Dad’s cooking. Not only did he cook us breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, but he made a turkey and a delicious Ham for Easter dinner. He might have been watching the food network a bit lately; his Ham had apples all around it and I think I saw orange slices inside the turkey.

I also was able to see my newest nephew again. He’s already 2 months old. The last time I saw him, he was a day old.

Here’s a picture of Sam sleeping in his car seat. Cute little guy isn’t he?

And here’s a picture of Raleigh, Josh, and me all dressed in our Easter clothes. Raleigh is doing Superman on Josh’s knee.

All the died Easter eggs back in their carton. Sometimes, I imagine them coming from the chicken that way and then thinking about the type of chicken that could lay eggs like that. I imagine it would be a chicken with brightly colored neon feathers and piercings in its nonexistent ears.

Raleigh sat on his Grandma’s lap while everyone died their eggs. When he figured out that the wax paper could make noise, he just wouldn’t stop grabbing at it.

Grandpa seemed to be the only one to get the boys to be alert and not crying at the same time for pictures.


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