One thing after another…

May 10, 2007

This is a bad month for electronic devices. First the washing machine’s agitator decided not to work properly and I had to fix it by replacing the “Agitator Dogs.” Then my camera’s battery decided to die. And now, our computer at home decided to die also.

This means that in the next few weeks I need to do some research. Josh and I decided that we are going to build our own computer instead of buying a ready made one, which means that this task will be challenging. I will try to update the blog as I can, but without a reliable computer at home, I’m not sure how many pictures and video I’ll have to show. If you want to take a break from checking blog for about a week, I doubt you’ll miss anything.

I’ll send an e-mail to friends and family when I am back to posting pictures of Raleigh. Thanks for your patience.


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