Thief helps us to be greener

May 24, 2007

Last weekend, or late last week, our lawn mower was stolen from our driveway. Well, I bet the theif got a big shock when he/she used it for the first time…no, literally, I really do think that he/she got a shock. You see…the only way that you can turn off the lawn mower that was stolen is by removing the spark plug wire from the spark plug…and it shocks you every single time.
So, in the picture below, I am pushing the new reel mower that I bought over my lunch hour today. If you’re older, you may have even used a mower like this one before.

The best quality about the mower is that there is no gasoline or electricity involved…Josh’s quote “Human use is what makes this baby go”…it is the greener lawn mower. Supposedly it is also better for the grass because it uses a scissor cut instead of a rip cut like most rotary blades.

Lately, I’ve taken to liking mushrooms. No, not the “I see purple dwarves and rainbow snowflakes” kind, but the bought in the grocery store kind. The picture below is of the dish that I made for dinner tonight. Red onions, fresh garlic, mushrooms, red bell peppers, stir-fried in sesame oil with a dash of salt, a few dashes of red pepper flakes and a smidgen of soy sauce. It is now my favorite dish to make.

I was also lucky enough to catch Josh and Raleigh in a cute father-son moment tonight.


One Response to “Thief helps us to be greener”

  1. Sweet Mary Sunshine Says:

    Good for you! Does this mean that you’re feeling better now? When can we get together for a visit? It’s been a loooooooong time.

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