I beat Josh in Tennis!

June 22, 2007

Okay, so it was only a game of 21, but still…I beat Josh. That doesn’t happen all that often. It was a really close game too. The final score was 21-18. We teeter-tottered back and forth on the score a bit. But in the end, I came back from 17-18 with two two-pointers.

Grandpa Steve is visiting, which is the main reason why we went to play tennis in the first place. Having three people on the court is nice, if Raleigh fusses or doesn’t think that the toys he has to play with are good enough, one of us can go and entertain Raleigh (As if seeing his mom stumble all over the court isn’t entertainment enough).

Grandpa Steve is in the background in the picture above. I was the entertainer, while Josh and Steve played a game of 21. I think I was so focused on Raleigh that I didn’t even find out who won between the two of them.

Josh and Steve are out on the porch playing their musical instruments, while Raleigh is sleeping inside; the stroller ride back from the courts put him out.


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