What a Weekend! Prepare for a long read :)

June 25, 2007

Before, I get into talking about this weekend, I’ve got to share this picture of Raleigh’s two bottom teeth. Yes, TWO bottom teeth. In the past two weeks he’s popped out two teeth.

Somehow, this weekend managed to be a really long weekend. Not the “OMG! when is this going to be over” kind, but the “wow, this is awesome, this weekend feels like forever” kind.

As you know, Josh’s dad was visiting for part of the weekend. Friday night, Jamie and Chelsea had us all over for a yummy Vegan dinner, well, the baked beans weren’t vegan, but everything else was and it was delicious. We’re all trying to be supportive of Joel, Josh’s older brother, since he has decided to become a vegan. It’s really not all that hard to be supportive. I tend to really like all of the vegan dishes and Josh and I haven’t been eating all that much meat anyway since we started trying to buy only organic meats.

Raleigh slept for a good chunck of our night at Jamie and Chelsea’s, but when he was awake, he entertained all (like usual). I hope that he doesn’t grow up knowing exactly how much we all adore him, at lest not so much that he gets too full of himself.

After Jamie and Chelsea’s, Josh and his dad played some more tennis, and then capped off the night, and most of the morning, in our back yard having a fire in our fire pit. Jamie joined them sometime after Raleigh and I went to sleep, and the three of them proceeded to talk around our fire pit until about 4 am on Saturday morning, which was shortly after I peeked my head out our back door to see if they were still out there.

Josh and Steve slept in on Saturday, and then I made omelets for breakfast. They turned out Yummy! Shortly after the omelets, Steve had to head back to Jordan so that he could be a Judge in “Jordan Idol.” I can’t wait to hear his stories about that đŸ™‚

Saturday night, Josh and I gave Raleigh a bath in his little pool outside. See video below of play time after we got him all clean.

Sunday, Josh attended church, while I cleaned up around the house (My brother and his family are coming to visit on Monday) and then we attended a Scandinavian festival at a local heritage center.

We tried a bunch of delicious foods.

Lefse (Potato Flat Bread)

Potetklub (Potato Dumpling)

Frikadeller Meal (Meatballs, potato w/gravy, and red cabbage)

Rokelaks Baguett (Smoked Salmon Sub sandwich)

Hangikjot (Smoked Lamb on Brown Bread)
Sorry I forgot to take a picture of this one.

Skinkrulle (Ham Rollup w/asparagus and peas and yogurt dressing)

Rosette (stale rose shaped cookie desert sprinkled with powdered sugar)
Sorry I forgot to take a picture of this one.

Here are some more pictures of our day today:


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