R.I.P. Winnie

August 24, 2007

Such a hard decision to make…So painful to talk about…

I took Winnie in to be euthanized this morning. Last week, unprovoked, she growled and snapped at Raleigh’s face…right in front of me…didn’t phase Raleigh, but scared the heck out of me.

I can’t have a dog in my house who is a threat to my child. Nor can I give her away to be a threat to another child.

Josh and I had sensed some dominance issues with Winnie in the past, but this was the final straw. We’re lucky that she didn’t make contact with Raleigh.

We are very sad today. We were lucky to have Winnie for such a brief amount of time.


2 Responses to “R.I.P. Winnie”

  1. Erika & Joel Says:

    Shy and Josh-I am SO very sorry to hear about your loss. I completely understand the necessity, but I am sad for your pain at the loss of Winnie. My thoughts are with you.-E

  2. mandocaster Says:

    I am heavey hearted about this too. I love you so much and I hate to see see you grieve or struggle. Life is full of so many losses, wish as we might that were not so. It is, I think, how we face the painful and difficult realities that confront us that is the most profound measure of who and what we are. You had the bad luck to have a dog with a defect that made her a threat to your baby and you did what love required. You acted responsibly in this situation, making a difficult choice. I observe how much you love Raleigh. It is beautiful! May you be at peace even in the midst of your sadness.

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