Labor Day Weekend

September 4, 2007

We had a fun weekend at my in-laws. This was the first time Raleigh has been to their place since he’s been crawling. Needless to say, there were quite a few fun things to touch and do at their place.

Raleigh, was playing with Chelsea’s purse (which she made her self), so Chelsea thought it would be fun to let him try it on.

Obviously, any time Josh and I are around his dad, we all have tennis on the brain. All three of us played once, but it was too windy. Josh and Steve went out without me on Saturday though. Raleigh had a lot of fun playing with this tennis racket.
He pushed it around quite a bit and then he would stand up with it. We’re all hoping he gets the tennis bug.

There were new toys from Grandma Deb. These toys will stay at their house though. We’ve got plenty at our place…remind me to take a picture of the new storage unit we bought for Raleigh’s room.

Raleigh loves it when his Grandpa plays music. Although, in this second picture, it looks like Raleigh is trying to get out and away from the music.

Grandpa Steve read to Raleigh. This is the book that Grandma Wanda gave to Raleigh the last weekend she was here. It’s an awesome book that also makes sounds and has hidden pictures behind tabs throughout the book.

Ah, the stairs….This was a new concept for Raleigh. But he had no problems climbing up them. The trouble was getting back down. He hasn’t quite figured that out yet.

We attended the Picasso exhibit at the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis on Sunday, which I have no pictures of because we wern’t allowed to take any pictures…and I didn’t bring my camera. I’d like to go back when the weather has cooled off a bit so that we can tour the sculpture gardens.

Overall, it was a good weekend full of lots of food, and fun to be had for all.


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