Raleigh’s first Parade

September 16, 2007

..and his Dad was in it!

Our church entered a float in the parade. The church band, which Josh is a part of, played churchy music on a trailer going 10 mph.

I thought it was going to be some dinky little parade that lasted a whole 10 minutes. I thought this because, 2 years ago, I attended another local parade that was extrememly wimpy on the candy and it lasted a total of 15 minutes.

Well, good thing I packed food for Raleigh because this parade was 2 hours long!!! OMG! A 2 hour parade, that is crazy. There were 120 different “entries” in the parade. Can you guess what number the church float was? Yup, #99. Raleigh and I watched 98 other floats pass by before we could see Josh on his float.

It was fun though, and Raleigh had a bunch of firsts at the parade.

He tasted his first bit of candy. That wasn’t on purpose though. A lady near us picked up a sucker that fell near Raleigh’s stroller and she handed it to him. I figured there was enough waxy candy wrapper to keep him from tasting any of the sucker. Turns out I underestimated the power that baby saliva and teeth have on a common sucker wrapper.

Raleigh was not happy when I took that sucker away.

Raleigh also had baked beans for the first time when I purchased a pork sandwich meal to support a local High School fastpitch team. He really liked those beans, I barely got any.

A frito-lay truck was one of the entries in the parade and they were throwing out bags of cheddar coated popcorn. So, Raleigh got to try some of that too. I think that is the last time Raleigh will get any cheddar-coated anything. Boy was that a mess.

And finally, here’s a picture of the church float. Josh is in the back with the t-shirt for a head band on. Jamie is playing the red guitar to the right of Josh.

After the parade, we went to Home Depot, where we purchased a new toilet seat (which turned out to be too big) and a new air filter for our furnace. And after that, the grocery store was the final stop before we spent the rest of the evening at home.


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