I fell out of bed this morning…

October 8, 2007

…No, LITERALLY…I fell out of bed this morning trying to turn off my alarm clock. I stepped down with my left foot and I slipped on an item of clothing I had left on the floor. To compensate for my left foot slipping to my left, I attempted to lean to my right but, this was really early, I hit my ear on our bedside table, and cracked my elbow on the bed frame or maybe the table.

Before I fell out of bed, I was dreaming about Dwight Schrute, from the show “The Office”. He was driving a big tour bus, giving us a tour of Fargo. Suddenly, he left the front of the bus to help Meredeth (another character on “The Office”) and I was suddenly driving the bus backwards.

I attempted to turn the bus, but I took too hard of a right backward turn and I flipped us over.

What a weird morning.


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