Halloween Party: The People

October 28, 2007

What a fantastic night! I have three more blogs to post about last night. It was such a fun night and I got such great photos it would be a shame not to post numerous blog entries about it.

Enjoy the pictures of our friends and family in their costumes.

Robin (flapper girl), Karl (“V” from Vendetta), and Kirby (cocker spaniel devil puppy)

Robin and Ryan (Fisherman and woman) and their Catch of a lifetime, Adam (most adorable fish ever)

Sweetmarysunshine (the oven), her husband (the baker), her mother (the cat) and their adorable little girls (lady bug and bumble bee)

Jamie (monkey man) and Chelsea (monkey woman)

Jenna and her boyfriend Ryan (dressed like themselves)

Me (a toddler), Josh (a toddler in diapers) and Raleigh (the cutest pumpkin ever)

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One Response to “Halloween Party: The People”

  1. L. Brown Says:

    Oh Shyla, I really did laugh out loud at you in that sleeper! I love it! It had footies right? And you do have the cutest little pumpkin! Sounds like you had a great party!

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