Mom’s New Computer

November 16, 2007

I’m blogging from my Mom’s new computer. It really is a quick little thing. In case you’re wondering why I’m using her computer, I’ll explain. Currently, mom uses a machine that is ANCIENT. It was built in 1999! That is just too old for a computer to be.

So, after a long wait for Vista, we’ve finally customized and ordered her machine. Her previous computer was on Windows 98, which means that this computer will have be an amazingly different experience. There will be a steep learning curve, but I think she’ll find that it is amazingly user friendly.

Ok, but why do I have her machine at my house? Glad you asked. We had the computer shipped here so that I could put a brand new clean install of Windows Vista Home Premium on it. That way none of the crap-ware that comes with the computer is actually on the computer when I give it to Mom. And I will have to give this baby up when I go to my parents place for Thanksgiving. I will be sad to gived it up.

But in the mean time, I’m placing all of Mom’s old pictures on this machine. That way she has them already organized. I’m having way too much fun already.

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