Flashback: Playing with dad

November 20, 2007

My brother David and I are riding on Dad’s back. Joel and Josh are reading a book with their father. I’m not quite sure why Joel is dressed like a cowboy. But if you knew him now, you wouldn’t peg him as a cowboy.

We’re back home now, after visiting my parents. What a wonderful Thanksgiving feast and vacation for us. I always enjoy spending time with my family. It was loads of fun seeing Raleigh and Sam playing together. Tyler and DJ also were excellent with Raleigh. I can tell that they are loads of help to their mother with their little bro Sam.

I’ve delivered my mother into this century with her brand new computer and 22 inch flat screen lcd monitor. Before we left, we pulled the hard drive out of her old computer and installed it in her new computer. Now she has an extra hard drive to save her back ups on, in case the first hard drive fails.

So now, I’m typing away on XP again…sigh…I wonder when Josh and I will upgrade…hmmm.

Be sure to check out my Mom’s two new sites.

Her Blog: http://www.northstar26.blogspot.com/
Her Live Space: http://twinonenorthstar.spaces.live.com/

She also has a My Space site, so if you know her you can search for here on there too.

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