Recap of Date Night

December 9, 2007

Before Josh and I went on our date on Thursday night, I went to support Chelsea at the opening night of her art exhibit at Nichol’s Fine Pastries. Chelsea posted pictures on her blog. I’m smitten with the little hanging birdies. The picture doesn’t do them justice, but the colors are just great, and would go great in my living room.

While I was there, I bought a delicious cocoa truffle for a buck. I love chocolate, but I love truffles maybe even more than chocolate.

For our date, Josh and I went to see “Beowulf”, the movie. I’m extremely embarrassed to admit that I have never actually read “Beowulf”, even though it’s been on my list of books to read for some years now. After seeing the movie, which was completely made using CGI (Computer Generated Images), I have moved the book up to # 1 on my list of books to read. It was such a fantastic story. I can only hope that the reputation of the book is true and that it is actually better than the movie.

If you want to see my complete list of books to read, click here. So far, I’ve only read 5 on the list.

Anyway, it was a good night, and Joel was successful at babysitting Raleigh; He was asleep in his crib when we got home.


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