Hoops and Boxes for Raleigh

December 23, 2007


We still have the box that our TV came in and Raleigh loves to play in it.

2007 006

Grandma Deb brought a blow-up basketball hoop and oversized blow-up basketball for Raleigh to play with. In this picture, Raleigh seems to be playing the part of the basketball.

2007 008

We just got back from spending hours and hours at Erika and Joel’s house. Raleigh was able to sleep upstairs in the pack n’ play while us Adults carried on adult (and some childlike) conversations.  All in all it was a lot of fun.

Luke and Karla are back in town and this time they’re staying with Joel and Erika…it’s ok, we can share 🙂

Karla showed me some of the photos they took of Raleigh when I was at work on Monday. One of the photos is with Raleigh sitting on Josh’s lap holding a BB Gun. Karla is going to e-mail me that one so that I can post it.

Now, it’s my bedtime. But first a note to Steve.

From all of us – "We all miss you and are looking forward to seeing you on X-mas night for dinner."


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