Christmas day

December 26, 2007

It started out with Raleigh opening up his one present (From Great Grandpa and Grandma V.)

christmas 2007 002

It was an adorable Osh Kosh red hooded sweatshirt.

Then we headed over to Erika and Joel’s for brunch. Raleigh got to try on the hand knit Dale of Norway sweater that Grandma Deb made for him.

christmas 2007 006

We spent the rest of the day at Erika and Joel’s. We were continually trying to keep Raleigh from climbing the stairs.

christmas 2007 009

Raleigh also got some socializing in with Robin and Ryan’s baby boy Adam. (

christmas 2007 012

The adults played a fun game of cards.

christmas 2007 015

Whenever Raleigh did make his way upstairs, he found his way to Joel’s drum set.

christmas 2007 021

Later in the day, we all got to open our secret santa presents.

christmas 2007 023

Raleigh got some books from Joel and Erika.

 christmas 2007 029

Joel received a handmade wool wall hanging from Chelsea and Jamie

 christmas 2007 032

Chelsea received some hand knit socks from Deb.

christmas 2007 033

Erika received some candle holders for her mantel from me.

christmas 2007 037

Deb received a book and a calendar from Erika.

christmas 2007 040

Joel got me a subscription to "Organize" magazine and some chocolates. (He knows my weaknesses, magazines and chocolate)

christmas 2007 038

Chelsea and Jamie are helping Raleigh read his new Dog book that he got from Erika and Joel.


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