And now…some pictures

February 6, 2008

             Blanket 007

Raleigh holding his bear and a block that Chelsea made him. He looks so tall in this photo.

             Blanket 017

Raleigh can reach onto the table to get his milk.

              Blanket 028

I caught Raleigh carrying around a blanket that Chelsea made for him. He kept putting his face against the soft part.

              Blanket 033

Later on, he ended up lying on the floor with that same blanket.

              Blanket 036

Raleigh’s uncle Corey came to visit on Sunday, and Raleigh got to wear his hat.

              Heavy Lifting 005

Tonight after our trip to Target, Raleigh was having a fun time playing with our new bottle of detergent.

       Heavy Lifting 009

He was getting really frustrated that he couldn’t lift up the bottle. He just kept trying until he finally found a way to pick it up. He picked it up all by himself.  The look on his face is frustration because he couldn’t lift it higher.


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