Productive Night

February 11, 2008

Tonight, instead of sitting on my bum searching for and reading crafty blogs written by strangers…I was crafty myself!

Back when I was pregnant with Raleigh, I began planning and putting together a t-shirt quilt. Over the years, I had amassed a huge amount of sports and academic related t-shirts from high school and college. Instead of donating them or throwing them away or cutting them into rags, I decided to make a quilt out of them.

So, in the fall of 2006 – with Chelsea’s help – I pieced together almost all of the parts of the quilt.  I had everything done but the last bit of outside edging.

Tonight, I finished that. In the picture below, it’s the thick black edge.


Now, I need to piece together the back piece and then take it to a quilter to have it quilted.

And for you who only care about Raleigh… 🙂 … Here are some pics of him. He can now climb onto the couch with ease.



And here’s a picture of Raleigh wearing his babylegs.  They are thigh high leggings without feet.



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