Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 15, 2008

Josh made me dinner tonight, and then he went outside to snowblow. We did get about 7 inches of snow yesterday.


Raleigh watched as Josh cleared off the front walk to the house. Our mailperson will be happy tomorrow.

We’re leaving to visit my in-laws tomorrow afternoon. We’re super excited to have dinner at Josh’s aunt Soni’s house tomorrow night. She’s an excellent cook.

I had the oddest dream last night. My friend Sweet Mary Sunshine and I were in a tree. And she was as pregnant as she is in real life (due one week from today).  In my dream, we were trying to reach a deer hunter’s stand way up in a big tree. I mean this tree was huge. We were almost there when the branch we were standing on suddenly broke. We found ourselves falling, hitting planked boards on the way down that somewhat softened our fall. We both fell to the forest floor, and we were fine. No injuries…nothing. We were chatting about the fall, when she went into labor.  We got to the hospital ok, but none of her family was there, so I actually was in the room with her. At the last second, her aunt showed up (not sure which aunt, not sure I’ve ever met her aunt, but she was there in the dream) so I left the room. A very short while later. She gracefully gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who was healthy and happy.  From what I heard in the dream, her labor was easy and everyone was fine.  I hope her real life delivery is just like that except with her husband there and without the falling out of the tree before hand 🙂

On another note, go see Mrs. Radwag’s adorable pictures of her 6 month old baby boy, Benjamin. My favorite is the picture of him reading a book.


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