PeePee on the Potty

March 23, 2008

The other day, I brought Raleigh into his room, and said where’s your potty?

He did this.

I said, “Can you sit on the potty?”…and he did this.

I said, “That’s close”… and then he did this.

I then said “Wow, you’re standing in the potty…Can you sit on the potty?”… and he did this. Sidenote: he hasn’t actually used the potty yet, so him standing in it shouldn’t gross you out.

Then I said, “Oh, you are so close to sitting on the potty.”… and then he did this.

And we sang the “Peepee on the Potty” song. And then he grabbed a nearby bear and did this.

I miss my boy. Today is the second day that I’ve not seen him. I have 10 more days to go. Yikes! Hopefully, his Dad will take some pictures and post them soon. I’m going through Raleigh-withdrawals.

Redmond, WA, is a beautiful place. It is very hilly and very green. The first day here, it was sunny, and nice. Yesterday it was overcast and a bit drizzly. Today should be the same. Everyone at work is awesome.

The car that we rented is a 2007 Dodge Caliber. It’s a neat looking car on the outside, but very industrial feeling on the inside.

One of these nights, I’m going to go to Seattle’s famous Fish Market and take pictures.


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