Hello all!

April 16, 2008

We’re still chugging away at the kitchen project. I love starting projects but finishing them truly sucks. My self-imposed deadline of Friday night might not actually happen…and…I guess…I’m OK with that.

Posting pics of Raleigh always cheers me up…I hope it brightens your mood too!

We’ve been outside a lot lately and Raleigh loves it.

We say: "Raleigh, do you want to go outside?"

Raleigh says with excitement and a smile: "side, side, side".

It’s funny how he leaves off the "out".

Redmond Trip 141

Above: Raleigh getting ready to go down our deck stairs into the back yard.

Below: Raleigh playing with what is left over from a tomato plant last summer.

Redmond Trip 145

Redmond Trip 150

Above: Raleigh wearing his cool new bike helmet.

Below: Raleigh sitting in his expensive Burley Cart.

Redmond Trip 153 

Below: Raleigh helping Mommy remove the old hardware from the kitchen cabinets.

Redmond Trip 161


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