Yay! the weekend is here!

May 17, 2008

Jamie 005

I’m not sure it felt like that for the rest of you, but last week felt like it went on forever.

I took yesterday off of work and went furniture shopping. Josh and I had previously decided on a sofa and chair from one of the furniture retailers here in town, so I went to see if it was on sale yet. The sofa was marked down 15 %. And on top of that it was marked down 10 % because it was the floor model that they were selling.

Well, the floor model sofa wasn’t the size that I wanted, and they had a brand new one in the size that I wanted, however it was in Coon Rapids.

Originally, the sofa and chair were priced at over $1500.00, after the sale, they were marked at $1297.00. Remember that is for the floor models that the salesman and I were sitting on while we chatted prices.

Well, the haggler that I am, I was able to purchase the brand new sofa that was the size I wanted, that has a warranty, and the floor model chair for $1000.

I love furniture shopping.  🙂 I will post pictures of the new couch and chair later today. Also, my mom should be arriving here around 10 am today.


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