Camping at Glendalough

May 28, 2008


Josh, Chelsea, Jamie and I went camping last weekend at Glendalough State Park.  The wind almost convinced us that a canoe-in campsite wasn’t a good idea. We had to bike our supplies into our campsite because the wind was so horrid, I’m sure we would’ve tipped.

Speaking of tipping, in the picture below, you can’t tell…but…Josh and Jamie are soaking wet.


They  managed to tip over the canoe and get all of their fishing supplies as well as themselves wet. And it is not swimming weather right now, so the lake was freezing.


Above: Josh and Jamie drying out their fishing box contents.

Below: Chelsea and I in the canoe. We remained dry.



Above: Josh, Jamie and Chelsea walking ahead on one of the hiking trails. It looks all beautiful in the picture, but if you were up close and removing 10 wood ticks at a time from your pant legs, you might think otherwise.


Above: Photogenic Jamie and Chelsea

Below: Me and Josh. I know, I never wear a hat. I think I look odd.


All in all, we had a fabulous weekend. We didn’t have to worry about Raleigh because Grandma Deb was taking care of him. We did have to worry about Wood Ticks though. And we had to worry a little bit about rain.

We’re planning our next camping trip for June some time. Not sure where yet though.


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