Camping at Maplewood State Park

June 22, 2008

Maplewood State Park will always be near and dear to our hearts. It was the place where Josh and I went camping 3-4 times in the first summer that we were dating.

Since, then, we’ve been back loads of times, and we are always excited when we can share it with our friends and family.  This time we shared it with Chelsea, who had never been there before and Jamie.

Look at this great picture of them enjoying the scenery.

Camping 023

Here are some pictures of Raleigh playing in Lake Lida.

Camping 007

Above: Raleigh wading through the water.

Below: Josh and Jamie stomping on the boat to make a beat. Raleigh was grooving.

Camping 014

Camping 005

Above: Raleigh surprised to be sitting in the water.

Below: Josh, Raleigh and I after a hike to the look out.

Camping 018

Below: Josh, Raleigh and I at the same location last September.

9-22-07 009


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