Fiber Arts

July 28, 2008

Chelsea and I attended a Fiber Arts festival in West Fargo, ND, today.  We got to see women spinning their own yarn and displaying their own pieces of fiber art.

One really cool thing was this loom. You can see Chelsea also in the pictures.

fiber arts 002

fiber arts 003

The man in the picture, I regret that I didn’t get his name, was the loom operator. He made wool, jean, chenille, and other scrap fabric rugs. The thing that intrigued me the most was how similar his loom was to my mother’s loom. It was fastened together by wooden pegs like hers, and  it was peddle operated as well. It seemed a bit taller than my mom’s, and maybe a bit narrower but it was strikingly similar. 

This man travels around to different festivals all summer long and sells his rugs. He originally bought the loom for $75, and the man that owned it before him had purchased it for only $1 from an auction.

Well, anyway, this festival was way cool, and Chelsea and I will be going back next year as well. Hopefully, we can bring along some more people. I think my mother would enjoy it so maybe I can convince her.

After the festival, I was all inspired to work on my own fiber crafts. I started cutting the  4 1\2 inch blocks for my Queen sized quilt that I’m making.

What… I didn’t tell you about that yet? Shame on me. Well, Chelsea and I have been getting together to work on quilts every few weeks. We go to her house and we each work on our own quilt. I’ve chosen a difficult quilt for my first time.

Here are the types of fabrics that I’m using and some of the blocks that I’ve already cut.  I need about 314 of these blocks. I don’t even have a 1/4 of them yet.

fiber arts 005

I’ll try to keep you updated on my progress. My main goal is for this not to turn into a project that I never finish.


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