More bouncy pictures

August 24, 2008

This weekend, we spent some time at my parents. The ultimate goal was to get one last swim in at Tioga Pit. The weather had a different goal: turn cold and rainy and cloudy for the whole weekend.

Oh well, we had fun like normal at their house. We played dominos on Friday night after Raleigh went to bed and until 1 am. Yikes! It was a late one. I won the game, but I happened to be the only sober one 🙂

We also learned that Raleigh doesn’t like the Pack N’ Play anymore. He would only sleep on the big bed with me at night, and he’d fall asleep on the big bed for naps only if I layed with him for a few minutes at first.

So, Friday night, I was kicked in the head, slapped in the face, and head butted while I was sleeping. I didn’t realize how much that little guy moves around. Finally, I put a body pillow between him and I so he could sleep.

Where was Josh during all this, you ask? He was sleeping on the couch. He likes it much better on the couch.

Anyway, I don’t have pictures from the weekend because “GASP!” I didn’t bring my camera. I forgot it. I know. I often thought of my camera sitting on top of my computer back home when Raleigh was doing funny stuff or when Sam was being all adorable. If you do want to see pictures of my weekend, visit

At least my mother had a camera. 🙂


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