What a day!

September 7, 2008

A fat lip, a bonk on the head and still suffering from a head cold. Raleigh has had one heck of a day.

This morning, Raleigh was sitting on the bench on our deck and either he fell of or decided to jump off. Either way, he lost his balance and fell flat on his face. I suspect that he didn’t put is arms out to stop himself because he was protecting George the steam roller tractor he was holding. I was worried that he’d land on the tractor and cut himself on its metal frame. So when I saw blood, I immediately thought, “Great we’ll need stitches.” Turns out the blood was from his lip. Phwew!

Then later in the day, I was laying new vinyl tile in the kitchen. Raleigh decided to push a chair up to the kitchen gate and attempt to climb over the gate. Raleigh was just climbing over when Josh yelled at him to stop. I think he was startled by the yelling and decided to rush his climb, and subsequently fell on his head on a pile of vinyl tiles. No blood this time, but he has a big bump on his head. Afterwards, I stressed the importance of “that’s why we don’t climb over the kitchen gate, we go through it.”

Raleigh got over his head bump when I pulled out the little Nemo cold pack to put on his head. He didn’t want it on his head because, as he said it, “cold head, no”. But he loved holding it and putting it back in its packaging.

I’m including some pictures from the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Above: Raleigh in his sandbox.

Below: Raleigh saying Cheese!

Above: Raleigh bringing the football to Jamie when we were at the park a few weekends ago.


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