My peanut is allergic to peanuts :(

September 16, 2008

I blame it on his Dad’s side and all of their allergies :).

No, just kidding, the doctor actually said it’s a combo of Josh’s allergies and my own experience with asthma when I was younger. He said it’s no wonder Raleigh has a peanut allergy.

Today, Raleigh had his 4 hour appointment with a pediatric allergy specialist. Along with asking Josh and I a lot of health questions, they also performed a nasal smear test (which came out negative), a scratch test on his back (hence the numbers on his back in the picture below), and they took some blood from Raleigh to perform more bloodwork.

Raleigh also showed a minor reaction to the dog/cat scratch, but we’re not worried about it. The only good thing that came out of this appointment is that we found out he’s not allergic to milk, dairy, wheat, shellfish, shrimp, fish, soy, any other nuts, or anything else.

So, yay, my son has only one potentially fatal allergy (note my sarcasm).

Actually, the doctor said that if his blood levels for the peanut allergy come back below 10, then he will have a 30% chance of outgrowing the peanut allergy. We’ll find out about that in a week or so.


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