Pics from Seattle

October 5, 2008

Here are some pictures from my recent work trip to Washington state.

Coworkers of mine riding the Monorail from downtown Seattle to the Seattle Center. The Monorail is only 1 mile long and was created for the 1962 World Fair that Seattle hosted.

A picture of the Space Needle.

A really really skinny building in Seattle.

The week in Washington was very successfull, we all learned quite a bit about our teams in Bellevue, and Denmark. With that said, I am still very very happy to be home with my two guys; I missed them dearly.

Here’s a pic of Raleigh in a super cute outfit that his Grandma Deb bought him.

Here’s Raleigh lying on the ground asking to hold the camer.

And even as I write this post, my son is showing me some of the things that he’s learned while at his Grandparents’ house.

Josh is playing the Wii and when he messes up, Raleigh says, “Oh no, Sh*t”. Hmmm, it seems he’s watched his dad and grandpa play a little too much Mario Cart. I’m hoping that he forgets that phrase pretty quickly. We’re trying not to call attention to him when he says it.


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