Raleigh peed on his potty!

October 14, 2008

So, it may just be a fluke…but last night Raleigh walked up to me without his diaper on. He must have taken it off.

I said to him, “Oh wow, does this mean that you need to pee on your potty because you’re not wearing your diaper?”

He walked over to his potty, opened it up, sat down and actually peed a little into his potty. I was completely amazed and I made a big deal out of it to Raleigh. I even pointed out his pee in the potty to him. I didn’t let him touch it like he wanted to though 🙂

Josh was at the store at the time, so we saved the evidence to show him. When he finally got home, meanwhile I was gaurding the potty making sure Raleigh didn’t touch it, we showed Josh what Raleigh did. So of course, we both made a big deal out of it again.

I just have to say, we’re not actually attempting to potty train Raleigh right now but I see this as a good omen for when we decide to actively potty train him.

And no, I don’t have pictures of this wonderful occasion.


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