Poked and Prodded

October 17, 2008

This afternoon, I received the flu shot, a rhogam (sp?) shot, had my blood drawn, and drank the most syrup-y orange pop that you can imagine.

Oh yah, I also had another ultrasound. And the technician wanted to practice taking the 4-D images with the ultrasound machine. So, we have a new picture of our baby.

Our baby # 2, what a cutey pie.

I almost forgot to tell the technician that we didn’t want to know the gender, but luckily, I remembered just as she was squeezing that warm gooey jelly onto my huge belly.

And, we have our first official “It’s fall” picture of Raleigh. He thinks that leaves are fun now…just wait till he has to rake them some day 🙂


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