Pumpkin patch

October 25, 2008

We’re down at Josh’s parents and luckily they live only 3 minutes from an apple orchard. This orchard has tons of activities for kids and familiies. Unfortunately, the petting zoo was closed when we went, and the place was kind of a mud hole. So it was hard for us to let Raleigh run around.

We did get some good pictures though.

Above: Josh squirting some caramel on a piece of apple for Raleigh.

Below: Everyone taste testing apples in the tasting room.

Above: What a great picture of my boys!

Below: Attempting to get Raleigh to pose with a pumpkin. He kept pushing the pumpkin off of the hay bale. Josh is picking the pumpkin back up in this photo.

Above: Finally, Raleigh posing on pumpkins.
Below: Raleigh and Jenna running back to us.

Above: Raleigh picking out a pumpkin.
Below: Raleigh, Grandma Deb, and Grandpa Steve looking at the horses.

Above: 3 Generations of Thompson men.

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