Visit from Grandma Wanda

November 9, 2008

Last weekend was our Halloween party, but we were also blessed to have Grandma Wanda visiting us. She was a huge help preparing for the Halloween party, and she had a blast playing with Raleigh, as he did with her.

Grandma Wanda dressed as a clown. See evidence below.

Raleigh got to read with Grandma Wanda.

Grandma Wanda also was present for Raleigh’s first ever trick-or-treating adventure. You can see the pictures that she posted here:

Grandma Wanda also took pictures of all the raking we did that weekend. Raleigh sure had fun in those leaves:

Raleigh got to lick the blender attachments. Yummy!

Ooh, and the bread that we made. Delicious. It is a no-knead bread, and it was simple as can be. We made two loaves and we cut it into small pieces to be used with the spinach and artichoke dip that we made for the Halloween party.


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