Belly Watch: 30 weeks along

November 16, 2008

Ok, so kind of a dark picture, but you get it… I’m bigger now than last week.

The baby has been moving quite a bit, especially in the evenings. I don’t think that it has settled in the head down position yet. I had an appointment with my doctor last Thursday and things are going quite well. I’m measuring where I want to be, my weight is where it should be, and the baby’s heartbeat was around 154 beats/minute.

Josh and I have settled on a girl’s name if the baby is a girl, although it’s not the same girl’s name that we had settled on before we knew Raleigh was going to be a boy. We’re still struggling with finding the right boy’s name. Can we just call it Raleigh # 2?

And to provide more of an update on our lives, things are going pretty darn good. We’ve made some changes to the house in the last few months:

  • Installed vinyl tile in the kitchen
  • Ripped out existing door jambs and trim in kitchen doorways and replaced with much better looking jambs and trim. (We still need to paint the new jambs and trim though)
  • Purchased a new entertainment center that fits our small living room better but still provides ample storage
  • Purchased a large mirror for the wall above the kitchen table.
  • Cleaned and organized the laundry area of our basement and caught up on laundry
  • Purchased a new car
  • We cut down the oversized trees that were too close to our house corners

In general, we’re on good pace right now to have all of the necessary changes made in order to put our house up for sale this upcoming summer. I still need to go to the bank and find out how much house we can afford. We still need to package up about 2/3 of all of the stuff we currently own so that our house doesn’t look like pack rats have been living here.

And among all of that, I need to give birth to a healthy baby and find time for Raleigh. He’s been extra clingy lately and only wants “mom” to do things for him or carry him. It’s pretty tough carrying Raleigh with this massive belly. I have to find ways to bribe him into walking, either that or distract him enough so that he forgets how much he wants to be held by “mom”. Part of me just loves how clingy and cuddly he is though. After he stopped nursing around 1 year of age, he became a very independent little guy and he didn’t want to cuddle anymore. Now, he’ll suprise me with impromptu hugs and kisses. I guess I’ll take it while I can get it.

All right, so this blog ended up being a novel. Sorry. It’s just nice to be able to have some time to write. I got a 2 hour nap today while Raleigh was sleeping so it doesn’t seem that bad for me to be up past midnight right now.


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