Belly Watch: 37 Weeks Along

January 2, 2009

Not too much longer to go. My due date is Jan. 18th. Which means about 2 and half weeks left.

We’ve picked out a boys name and a girls name, so there are no worries there. I’m planning to pack a bag for the hospital this weekend. I have my next Dr. appointment on Thursday of next week. He’ll check my cervix at that point. Hopefully, it will show some progress.

I saw a Physician’s Assistant yesterday as my normal doc was away on holiday. The PA didn’t seem to think that the baby was engaged yet. She said it didn’t feel hard enough down toward my pelivic region to indicate that the baby had lowered itself, although both Josh and my mother-in-law thought that I looked like I had dropped somewhat. I don’t think I have dropped.

I’ve been battling a few different bugs this week, not sure why they all hit at once, but I’m finally starting to feel better.

And for those who are wondering, I will not mind hospital visits just not when I’m in labor. After the baby is born, feel free to visit. I plan to have the baby in the room with me the whole time, so don’t think you can just sneak in to see the baby in the nursery 🙂


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