Raleigh is funnny

January 3, 2009

Funny things that Raleigh says or does:

When we ask him to pick something up: He reaches half way down and then says “I can’t reach it” with a strained look on his face.

After we sneeze: He pretends to sneeze and says “Skimseee”, which is supposed to be “Excuse Me”

When referring to his “troublesome trucks”: He says “Trum Truck”

Instead of saying “yah”, he says “Yes” and he extra-enunciates the “s”.

He says “Help you” instead of “Help me”

We have a really tall friend, named Luke. So whenever we are out and about and Raleigh sees a tall man, he says “Leuuuuuke!”. He used to call him “Luck”

And every now and then, Raleigh will just break into song:

He’ll say “Trust meeeeee.” for the song that Kah the snake sings in The Jungle Book.

He’ll sing “Jingle bells” without saying “Jingle all the way”, so he really just repeats “Jingle bells” over and over.

And he is such a mimicker. He mimics people laughing all the time. We were at a restaurant yesterday and he started saying “ah ah ah” whenever the lady in the booth next to us broke out in laughter. I don’t think she noticed because she was so into her conversation.

He mimicks Diesel 10’s voice, which is low and scratchy and then he says “Come on Mommy… Deeessseel ten”


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